Friday, September 14, 2007

B&B Referbisment

This week saw the start of the B&B's rebirth. A shiny new shop frontage crafted out of fine mahogany will replace the salt stained and weather worn previous Edwardian exterior.

The Lads working on the build have uncovered some fantastic signage from when it was a tobacconist..

the finished  product

Friday, August 31, 2007

Souvenir Swap Shop

Souvenir Swap Shop 
Artist Victoria Foster, in conjunction with Club Shepway,
is collaborateing with Kent Coast Residents to translate their personal, domestic experiences of the seaside towns through the creation of a series of alternative souvenirs.

To take part please click here to download Souvenir Swap Shop info pack.

like this project why not visit the Club Shepway Picture Postcard Archive click here 
Image © Club Shepway 2007

Souvenir Swap Shop
Victoria Foster  

Seaside Modern

The English seaside is often thought of as environmentally blighted, socially segregated and economically depressed. Andy Tuohy's literally sees this world in a different light.

Familiar icons of seaside architecture are represented so as to draw attention to the progressive potential of building design and to the utopian ambitions associated with seaside resorts and their development.

These pictures are the beginning of a project that re-examines relatively recent architecture along our coast and draws attention to the quality, sophistication and wit of seaside modernism.

The project acts as a powerful argument against the prevailing orthodoxy of decline and, at the same time, warns against any knee-jerk retreat to historical pastiche.

The Return of H.M.S. Challenger

30th June - 12th Jully Thursday - Sunday 12-6pm

Private View: - Friday 30 June 6 -9pm
Opening Times: - Thursday - Sunday 12-5pm


The Return of H.M.S. Challenger is the second group show organized by the o-collective, presenting the work of three emerging artists Mark Hayward, Victoria Foster and Ceci Lombardi.   The show has been curated by Marco Palmieri and Ceci Lombardi.

In the form of traditionally bound monographs, black and white bill board posters, videos of simple animated drawings, hand made porcelain barnacles, the artists have created what seems to be an exhibition presenting the discoveries and studies of a group of explorers of the late 19th Century.  It is the conflicting relationship between science and fiction, history and myth, research and imagination which links the works of these artists.              

Grockles At Sea

Grockles At Sea
20 April - 4 May 2007
Thursday - Sunday 12-6pm

Private View: - Friday 20 April 6-9pm
Grockles at Sea is an exhibition curated by Ceci Lombardi and Marco Palmieri exploreing ideas of redundancy, recycling and regeneration.   The selected artists will present a new body of work which investigates these issues through the use of craft-based techniques, kitsch paraphernalia and second-hand materials.


Bingo sees Petro transform the interior of the B&B.
Expanding themes derived from his graffiti on to domestic decorative surfaces,
though the application of repeat patterns and motifs.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dome demolition

Early Feb 13th 2007 was the day when we all had to say R.I.P to JG's. The dome has finaly been cleared out.
By luck Matt Rowe of Club Shepway was there to document the event.
hear is a couple of pic's a small fraction of the documenty images taken of it.
Part of the club shepway Social archive..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rotunda images

cumming soon an exhibition of works derived from documentary images of Folkestones Rotunda fun fair. Featured images span the final two years of the fun fairs demise, final season and demolition.
The show will commence in early 2007 and be held at the B & B project space in Folkestone.