Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anual Sea Side Reveiw

The Club Shepway Annual Seaside Review will showcase the work of a dozen emerging contemporary artists from around the British Isles, working in a wide range of media and disciplines.
For this exhibition, selected artists have made work in response to the changing cultural identity of the British seaside resort, with a focus on the regeneration of the South East in particular.Opening Friday 1st December 2006, and remain open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month of December from 12pm - 5pm or by appointment.

Pop Life

Pop Life 

Sullivan reference Pop ideals such as the simulacrum, desymbolisation of an object,
She traces images of flowers from Gardener's World Magazine onto walls, floors, ceilings;
one on top of the other addorning the walls of the B&B with exotick folage, creating a visual mantra.

POP Life (timed intervention)
Niamh Sullivan
Carbon Paper 

Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud Castle Lake
Located in empty buildings along Folkstone's historic Tontine Street, Club Shepway brings together a collection of artists films.
Each screened in a separate space the works become segments of an expanded narrative, uniting the empty shop units with flickers of celluloid. Seducing the viewer with a journey down a street, an empty shop window, and the intimacy of an open door letting you walk in.
Film works range form the documentary view of Amy Fenecks eco structures, to the dislodged everyday of Alex Le Feuvre's "Grace"

The visual encounters combine to dislodge the ordinary and reveal the unseen, opening a walk down the street into an expansive visual journey

© Amy Feneck

Amy Feneck
8mm Film still